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  • Create your content. When creating content, please note that it must contain a compassionate message. That means no profanity, obscenities or racism. To learn more about what you can submit please read the submission guidelines.
  • Register with the campaign. By registering you will create a user name and password and can load as much content to the site as you wish.
  • Upload your content by April 1, 2008. All submissions must be received by April 1, 2008 to be considered for the April 11–15 event.

We have a team of volunteers previewing all submissions so please be patient if it doesn't show up on the site immediately. If you still have questions please email: info@whatdoescompassionlooklike.org.

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Ideas To Get Your
Creative Juices Flowing

  • WRITE A HAIKU about compassion for the world
  • MAKE A GOOD NEWS VIDEO where the news is positive
  • TAKE PHOTOS of what compassion looks like in your family
  • RECORD A RAP about compassion in 2008
  • WRITE AN ESSAY about the most compassionate person you know
  • DESIGN a What Does Compassion Look Like™ bumper sticker
  • DESIGN a Wall of Compassion
  • WRITE a compassion simile poem (ex: Compassion is like_______)
  • MAKE a compassion poetry book or zine
  • PLANT a tree or start a tree planting fund or group – PHOTOGRAPH your tree
  • HOST a compassion open mic in your school
  • CREATE your own compassion project, document it, and send it in

Seeds of Compassion: To nurture kindness and compassion in the world, starting with children and all those who touch their lives.
What Does Compassion Look Like?